​relationship goals


things to start doing:

  1. drink more water
  2. carry a camera everywhere i go
  3. read more books than i already do
  4. go for walks
  5. do yoga more often
  6. go to bed earlier
  7. enjoy the little things
  8. go outside more
  9. stop comparing myself to others
  10. stick to my goals n stop putting things off
  11. write down my feelings
  12. smile more, especially at random people


Repeat after me: I am a goddess. My spirit is towering, my soul is mighty, my breasts are magnificent and my shoes are super fucking cute.

if u dont like hickeys or ass grabbin we are a no

"A negative mind will never give you a positive life."

-(via oh-good-life)


a friendly reminder:
don’t hang out with people that make you feel bad about yourself


*mentioning internet friends to parents*

we went to school together before they moved away a couple years ago.. did i never mention them.. weird.. totally went to school together..

"Lol ily too"

-A nigga who doesn’t ly too”. (via anthonycoldwinter)


when no one in class is ready for the test



kourtney looks like she was waiting all day for kim to ask a stupid question


you should want a bad bitch like this